Choosing maternity insurance to care for pregnant women?

Maternity care package is what every mother wants when pregnant. Buying insurance is more necessary than ever, but many people do not know which option to choose to receive the most appropriate care.

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Thinking about a package of maternity care is essential when you are planning to have a baby. However, the cost of a package of maternity care is not cheap, especially for pregnant women planning to have a caesarean section. Therefore, pregnant women should prepare a financial plan in advance so that the spirit is always optimistic and ready to welcome children.

Typically, there will be two voluntary insurance products selected to prepare financially to pay for the cost of giving birth, which is health insurance and life insurance. With the maternity benefits of these two products, it helps mothers have good financial conditions to the most complete delivery process.

Maternity benefits of health insurance

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Health insurance is a voluntary product of non-life insurance company, aimed at health care and financial provision against risks of illness, accident, etc. In particular, maternity benefits are additional benefits and additional options when participating in health insurance. As such, families planning to have children can buy the mother health insurance package and choose additional maternity program with fees and benefits that meet the needs.

Accordingly, when the insured pregnant and giving birth will be covered by the insurance company before and after delivery, the cost of taking care of the baby or unfortunate risks of complications, miscarriage ... with a certain amount or full cost but does not exceed the maximum coverage limit, depending on the product of each company.

Eligibility for maternity benefits is purchased before pregnancy, that is, you have to give birth after the waiting period from the time of purchasing maternity insurance to receive benefits. Each company has its own maternity benefits for each health insurance product, which can be 270/280 days or 12 months.

Maternity benefits of life insurance

Life insurance is a form of financial provision against risks or a plan for the future through a life insurance company's financial fund. In fact, maternity benefits are only in complementary products when you join the main life insurance product.

Accordingly, when participating in the main insurance product, the mother insured can join additional health care supplement products including maternity benefits to financial reserve for childbirth planning. Each product of each company will have different payment rates according to the program selected by the customer and the method of giving birth is a normal or caesarean birth. With that benefit, pregnant women can choose the best hospital to be cared for and give birth under a package program.

Conditions to enjoy maternity supplements are also bought before pregnancy. Usually the waiting time is 270 days.

For some companies, mothers who participate in the main life insurance product are entitled to benefits if unfortunately the mother is at risk during pregnancy or childbirth.

More than anyone else, a pregnant mother wants her child to be protected, cared for and welcomed in the thorough preparation of the family. Maternity benefits of any insurance package are good for helping pregnant women get full maternity care at prestigious and modern hospitals. When planning a birth, prepare yourself an appropriate insurance package to receive the best benefits of the comprehensive maternity care program.

Choosing maternity insurance to care for pregnant women?

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