Citibank ATM card types

By making a Citibank ATM card, you will receive a discount when making an international transfer with a zero Citibank ATM card fee. Citibank ATM Card optimizes the payment time for you.

Citibank ATM card utility

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Refund for all spending
Enjoy the Citi World Privileges program with countless privileges at thousands of merchants in more than 30 countries.
0% interest installment
Bonus points for every spending
Get a refund of up to 5% on spending.
Refunds never expire.

Citibank ATM cards

Citibank has the following types of ATM cards:

Citi Cash Back Card: For customers who love shopping with low price by enjoying the cashback offer. Cardholders will be:
Refund up to 6% for all expenses such as shopping, watching movies, eating ...

Enjoy features such as: Citi PayLite installment plan, Pay with points, Citi World Privileges Global Offers
Enjoy travel, food and special offers from Visa Platinum

Citi Rewards Card: For customers who love shopping and receive shopping privileges with points, gifts and discounts. Cardholders will be:

Enjoy 5 times your Rewards Points throughout the year when you spend at Shopping, Dining, Entertainment and get 10 Rewards Points at partner retail locations.
Redeem Rewards Points for a variety of gifts: Souvenirs, shopping vouchers, or food vouchers at locations that customers like.
In particular, Citi Rewards points do not expire.

Citi Simplicity + Card: For customers who focus on taking advantage of preferential financial solutions. Cardholders will be:

Total interest free for the first 3 months.
Receive 10% interest return when paying equal or more than the minimum payment before the due date.
Free late payment

PREMIERMILES® Card: A Citibank Supplementary Card is not just a credit card, it also sends all benefits and privileges to your loved ones such as:

All supplementary cards are free of charge.
Share with your loved ones countless benefits and benefits.
You can accumulate reward points or cash to your primary card for any spending through supplementary cards!

Citibank ATM card types

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