Should you buy life insurance when you are healthy?

Many people are concerned about the onset of serious illnesses but still wonder if they should buy life insurance when they are healthy?

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The risk of serious illness does not come from anyone, even if they are young and look very healthy. Be financially prepared with health insurance to protect yourself against potential risks.

Why should you buy life insurance as soon as possible?

Critical illness is a life-threatening disease: Unlike many people, it is thought that dangerous diseases are only cancer with high risk of death such as lung cancer, rectal cancer, pancreatic cancer, cancer stomach ..., In fact, serious illness includes all life-threatening diseases. such as diabetes, kidney failure, liver failure, severe encephalitis, Parkinson's disease, cardiomyopathy, polio, aplastic anemia, severe burns, traumatic brain injury, stroke, muscular dystrophy ... , people with life-threatening illnesses are at great risk of life-threatening.

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Critical illness leaves no one: Risk, illness are undesirable, but it always exists in our lives and always happens unexpectedly. It may be due to living environment, work, lifestyle, diet, exercise ... or due to age, health of each person, some rare diseases still occur in a small percentage of people suffering from, or due to the impact of external factors causing burns, paralysis or blindness ..., sometimes epidemics arise and spread ... In short, everyone is at risk for serious illnesses and does not know when it will occur. out. For example, cancer, every body contains cells capable of causing cancer so cancer can develop at any time, with anyone and at any age.

The cost of treating serious illnesses is very expensive: Even for the wealthy, the cost of treating serious illnesses is a cause for concern. Because the treatment takes time and costs a lot of different expenses such as treatment costs, hospitalization, medicine, surgery, transplantation, radiation therapy, travel expenses, living expenses ... with the amount from tens to hundreds of millions, even a few billion. In addition, some cases of patients have to accept living with the disease for a lifetime because it can not be completely cured, which requires a huge amount of money to maintain a stable life.

As such, it is essential to buy insurance for serious illnesses to provide financial protection against any disease risk.

Critical illness insurance offers the best benefits when unfortunately acquired

Peace of mind about financial risk of critical illness, helping families overcome difficulties and stabilize their lives: Joining insurance means less worries about financial difficulties when you are ill. or unfortunately have an accident or have a serious illness. Because surely there is a solid financial fund to help you feel secure, happy, maintain the spirit and focus on treatment, firmly follow life.

If you are unfortunate to have a serious illness, you will receive timely financial support with a large amount of payment: Depending on your needs, you can choose the insurance premium corresponding to the appropriate value to protect the critical illness. Because insurance is the risk sharing of a community with the same goal of contribution. Unfortunately, if someone in the community suffers from a serious illness, the insurer will immediately pay a large amount of money from the community's financial contribution fund.

Increasing treatment opportunities and the ability to prolong life: Currently with the rapid development of medicine, serious illness is not the end. However, it is necessary that you have enough money to maintain a health examination, detect disease early, treat it early to increase the chances of repelling the disease and cure it with some cancers today. .

However, you should consider participating in health insurance instead of life insurance / cancer insurance of the non-life insurance line. Because the non-life insurance line has a term of 1 year, it needs to be renewed every year for continuous critical illness coverage, and the amount of insurance premiums over the year has not accrued, unused insurance benefits also. will be gone. In particular, the renewal still need to review the health status and age to assess the premium, usually the premium will increase according to the age of participation.

With many years of serious illness insurance, you will not change your fee and will be protected in the long term, so you will have peace of mind throughout your life. If you are lucky enough to not suffer from serious illness, the recurring fee will still be accumulated and get a part back when the contract expires.

Should you buy life insurance when you are healthy?

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