The best insurance for pregnant women about the benefits of giving birth

Currently, there are not many insurance products for pregnant women on the market, but some types of insurance that provide very practical maternity benefits for pregnant women are social insurance, health insurance and care insurance. health care.

Social insurance

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Social insurance is a form of social insurance organized by the State to ensure the replacement or offset of a part of the employee's income when they are reduced or lose their income due to illness, maternity or tuberculosis accident. and occupational diseases, expired labor or death, on the basis of contribution to the social insurance fund.

There are two forms of social insurance participation that are compulsory and voluntary. But for pregnant women to enjoy maternity benefits when giving birth, it is only in the form of compulsory social insurance. This is the type of insurance that employees and employers must join. That is, you go to work in businesses that are partly covered by social insurance and partial support businesses, you will be the full beneficiary of the social insurance regimes prescribed by the State. And maternity benefits when giving birth is one of the benefits of social insurance that female workers are entitled to when fully and fully paid under the provisions of the Law on social insurance.

Health insurance packages of non-life insurance companies

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Health insurance is a type of commercial insurance that provides financial support when an unfortunate participant has an accident, injury, illness, illness or health care.

The maternity benefit in the health insurance package is an optional additional benefit to support costs before and after the birth of the baby, some medical expenses, treatment due to maternity complications, child care costs little. Accordingly, pregnant women who buy health insurance are allowed to choose more maternity program to be protected from both risks and the best maternity care.

Before buying insurance and choosing a maternity plan, pay attention: One is to consider choosing a health insurance plan that is suitable for your financial situation; The second is to consider re-insurance to fully enjoy the maternity benefits if the birth plan is not as originally planned.

Health care insurance of life insurance companies

Health care insurance is an auxiliary insurance product purchased together with the main life insurance policy in order to increase the insurance benefits for the participants with low fees. Maternity benefits are one of the guaranteed benefits of a life insurance policy and are part of the inpatient treatment benefits of the health care insurance plan.

The best insurance for pregnant women about the benefits of giving birth

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