The experience of buying health insurance is especially useful for first-time buyers

Not all health insurance products are the same

Along the line of health insurance products, the products will have some of the same features such as one-year term, one-time payment, annual renewal and non-refundable value. In addition, each type of insurance will have its own characteristics, for example:

  • Human accident insurance covers insurance only in case of accident-related risks.
  • Health insurance from life insurance companies is an independent product that can be used for all audiences, but children need to join with their parents.
  • Health care insurance provided by a life insurance company is only allowed to join with the main life insurance product.

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Moreover, products of the same type of insurance companies have different rates and benefits because each company has a way of calculating the factors to determine different rates. So with the same customer buying products from this company, the fees and benefits will be different when buying products of the same company. But not so that you compare the fees between companies, but should look from the perspective of insurance benefits that suits your needs or not.

Which company's health insurance product is purchased?

Every insurance product is good, every insurance company is reputable, so you can choose any insurance product and company to join. Currently, life insurance companies all implement health care insurance products, you should choose products with a wide range of protection and high insurance benefits. At non-life insurance companies, they mainly deploy only one health insurance product divided into many programs from basic to advanced according to the fee and benefit for easy-to-choose customers. Accordingly, you can choose a plan from the health insurance package of one of the current non-life companies.

Where and how to buy health insurance?

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The two most popular forms of health insurance today are direct and online.

Customers can buy health insurance directly at the insurance company office or through agents, product distribution organizations authorized by the company such as banks. This applies to all health insurance products at current companies.

In addition to saving time and effort, customers can buy health insurance online through the website of insurance companies. This form only applies to some health insurance products of non-life insurance companies. Accordingly, customers only need to visit the company's website, register with accurate personal information, answer some simple and honest questions and pay via bank to receive electronic contracts via email or be sent to your door if requested. However, participants need to pay attention to register on the main website and transfer according to the information, if there is any problem, please notify the support company early.

Particularly for health care insurance of life insurance companies can not participate in the online form because you need to be consulted on the main life insurance product and instructed to join the attached auxiliary product.

Buy for the whole family is best

A health insurance product only covers one main insured, so it is best to buy each person a separate health insurance package for each individual to be fully protected.

Buy as soon as possible and continuously for many years

Health insurance premiums are based on age and target group, so join as soon as possible. Special attention should not be interrupted in the process of participation, when the contract expires, it should be renewed continuously and continuously for many years, up to the prescribed age to participate. Because the risk can occur at any time and the higher the age, the greater the risk rate.

Choose the plan with the right rates and benefits

With health insurance products, premium rates and benefits are set from low to high, so participants can choose the right level for their protection needs and financial conditions. In addition, customers should pay attention, in addition to the mandatory inpatient program, the outpatient, dental, and maternity programs are voluntary so please select only the voluntary program that is suitable for the participants.

Notice the waiting time and exclusion clause

Every health insurance product has the exclusions provided in the regulations and product terms, customers should pay close attention to and should consult a counselor to explain specific cases. Some health insurance benefits will have a waiting period, for example, maternity benefits, serious illnesses ... should be considered early to ensure benefits.

Declare accurate information before participating

The process of participating in health insurance is very simple and fast, almost no health examination. Usually, customers only need to fill out a simple personal information and answer a few questions on the insurance application to complete the process. Therefore, please pay attention to truthful declaration and pay attention to the information matching between papers before signing the pen.

The experience of buying health insurance is especially useful for first-time buyers

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