Which insurance is best for families today?

Protecting the whole family with insurance products is something everyone wants, but in front of so many types of insurance, many insurance packages, you probably do not know what is the best product for the family?

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Health insurance, health insurance and life insurance are the three most common types of insurance that many people still consider when choosing to buy for their families.

So which is the best insurance for families today?

Health insurance for the family

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Health insurance is a type of insurance provided by the State for the purpose of universal health care. Each person participating in health insurance may only be granted one health insurance card as a basis for medical examination and treatment at medical establishments. The health insurance card is valid for one year and will be reissued in the following year if continued enrollment. Thus, the rights of each person are independent and the same for medical examination and treatment at health facilities.

Independent individuals are not allowed to buy health insurance but are obliged to buy according to households (except for those who have participated in health insurance at school or workplace or are children under 6 years old who are issued with health insurance cards) free). When participating in households, the rate will be reduced from the 2nd member onwards.

Family health insurance

Health insurance of non-life insurance companies is a voluntary insurance aimed at providing timely financial support to the insured when he / she is ill in hospital, sickness, accident, injury or die.

The features of health insurance products are one-time payment and one-year term, renewable if participating in the following years, moreover the annual fee will not be accumulated. Each health insurance package covers only one primary insured of the policy. When participating in health insurance for children, they are required to join their parents but they are both separate insurance policies and separate benefits.

So when buying health insurance for the whole family, you need to buy each person an insurance package with separate costs and benefits according to age and program selection. However, when participating in insurance, the whole family will be discounted by the insurance company about 5-10% of the premium.

Life insurance for families

Life insurance is a type of long-term insurance to provide timely financial support to the insured when he / she is unfortunate to be in danger of illness, accident, injury, serious illness ... on the basis of Pay periodic insurance premiums to insurance companies.

When participating in family insurance, if possible, each member should have a life insurance contract with each health care plan and specific future goals.

But if the financial condition is not abundant, you can still join the whole family on the same life insurance policy with the insured who is the breadwinner (spouse) and the person Additional insurance is for spouse and children. As a result, the whole family is still protected from risks in life, and the amount of the periodical premium is accumulated and profitable investment to plan the family's future.

The rate of participation for the whole family in a contract is very flexible from 10%, 15% to 20% of the total income of the family and can be flexibly increased or decreased according to family financial conditions in each period. point.

Moreover, with the complementary products that are included in the main contract, not only the whole family is fully protected but the pillar can be assured when unfortunate risks, the loved ones are protected. and free of charge.

With superior insurance benefits and a wide range of protection, life insurance is the best product for the family.

Which insurance is best for families today?

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