Silicone Tips for Stainless Steel Straws | Set of 8 x 6mm Multi-colored Anti-burn/cold Straw Tips and Silencer | FDA approved Food Grade, 8 colors, Fits Stainless Steel Straws for 20/30oz Yeti

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Silicone Tips For Stainless Steel Straws Set Of 8 X 6mm Multi Colored Anti Burn Cold Straw Tips And Silencer Fda Approved Food Grade 8 Colors Fits Stainless Steel Straws For 20 30oz Yeti

Silicone Stainless Multi Colored Anti Burn Silencer 1Silicone Stainless Multi Colored Anti Burn Silencer 2Silicone Stainless Multi Colored Anti Burn Silencer 3Silicone Stainless Multi Colored Anti Burn Silencer 4Silicone Stainless Multi Colored Anti Burn Silencer 5Silicone Stainless Multi Colored Anti Burn Silencer 6Silicone Stainless Multi Colored Anti Burn Silencer 7Silicone Stainless Multi Colored Anti Burn Silencer 8


Casadorna Your Eco Straw, 8 x Silicone Straw Tips - fits 6mm diameter (0.24inch) stainless steel straws, different colored drinkware for family members. 8 Silicone Silencers Straws fit all 20oz and 30oz Cups / Tumblers: Yeti, RTIC, SIC & Ozark Trail and other lids and spill proof lids. Soft touch for children, safe and comfortable. Protecting your lips and teeth from hot or cold liquids. FDA approved food grade silicone.

How to Use Straw Silencers and Tips:
Step 1: Insert the straw through the tumbler lid.
Step 2: Slide a Straw Silencer on each end of the straw with the lid between them. Slide the Straw Silencers up to the lid and press them firmly against the lid. Straw Silencers are now firmly attached to the lid as if they were one piece. The straw should not rotate or move from side to side.
Step 3: Place the lid and straw on the cup, push the straw all the way down until it hits the bottom of the cup. Pull the straw up slightly so that it is suspended about 1/4inch from the bottom of the cup. Adjust Straw Silencers as needed so they are firmly bound to the lid.
Step 4: Install your favourite color Straw Tip on the top of the straw.

Please note. Casadorna are the only authorised seller of this product, our price is US$5.50 if you see another seller offering this at a different price, chances are you will be sent the wrong or inferior product.
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If you have any issues with this product, please message us immediately and we will fix right away.
We offer a 60 day unconditional 100% happy or refund guarantee.

- ✅ Have you bought steel straws and don't like the sensation or metallic taste when using them?. THE SOLUTION - Casadorna Straw Tips and Silencers are Food Grade safe, so your mouth is not in direct contact with the straws, giving you a more pleasant drinking experience. FEEL FREE TO ENJOY all types of drinks.
- ✅ Concerned about metal in your mouth? Protect Your Teeth, Lips and Palate from the hard steel straws. Colored silicone Straw Tips let you sip in comfort and safety, with no concerns about harsh hot or cold shocks, or tooth-to-metal contact.
- ✅ Silence annoying straw rattling. Our colored Straw Silencers secure the straw to your tumbler lid to stop irritating rattling as you drive, bike or hike. Easily Recognize your Cup - Your Eco Straw Stainless Steel Straw Tips and Straw Silencers come in 8 different colors, so you know which drink is yours.
- ✅ Fits 6mm (0.24") Stainless Steel Straw for 20/30oz Yeti,RTIC, Ozark,or other 20 and 30oz tumblers/mugs. Very easy to clean and the BEST VALUE FOR MONEY.
- ✅ 60 day unconditional 100% happy refund guarantee. If you have the slightest problem with our product send us a message and we will refund or replace with a new set immediately, at no cost to you. We love to make sure every customer is happy and satisfied with our product and service.

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